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Group Fitness Director

My name is Leroy and I have spent the last 5 years helping Townsville locals achieve their health and fitness goals through Performance Coaching and Group Training. 

As someone who spent the first couple of years “yo-yoing” through their fitness journey with injuries and “Fad Diets”, I understand the frustrations it can bring to someone’s journey. My whole approach is about longevity with goal-orientated programming and helping others buy into the process to achieve the healthiest lifestyle they can.

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Exercise Physiology Director

My name is Billy and I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and over the past decade I have helped men and women from all walks of life use exercise to get out of pain and rehabilitate their injuries.

I prioritise safe and specific exercises with an emphasis on correct technique to improve strength and reduce the risk of further injury. My goal is to promote health wellbeing in the community through sustainable exercise habits for long term success.

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Senior Exercise Physiologist

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist on the Health First Team, my aim is to provide targeted exercise interventions to help people get out of pain and feel better overall. I am most experienced working with Veterans' using exercise to treat and manage a range of musculoskeletal and mental health conditions.

Things I focus on are; Always striving for optimal exercise selection, making sure to always practice proper technique, ensuring that training is always goal-based, and to try and make exercise fun whenever possible.

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Senior Exercise Physiologist

My name is Kaitlin and I have been an Accredited Exercise Physiologist since 2018. I have a pretty diverse mix of rehabilitation experience with; injuries, chronic health conditions, mental health and disabilities, but I have a particular interest in Veteran health, indigenous health and NDIS.

I have also had the opportunity to work in a range of settings including; gym, clinic, hydrotherapy and home visits. It is my varied rehab background that fuels my belief that there is an exercise style to suit everyone regardless of condition, and a big part of my job is finding what is going to be the most beneficial and enjoyable for my clients.

I believe in the power of exercise to help you move and feel better and I love the idea that our clients are taking control of their own health through exercise.

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Exercise Physiologist

My name is Ryan and I am looking forward to bringing my passion for exercise physiology to Health First NQ. Educating people about their conditions is something I have focused on as I have developed myself in this career.

I believe the more people are educated about their conditions, the more likely they are to make positive lifestyle changes.

I have 4 years experience working in rehab focused roles with a multitude of different people with a variety of ability levels. This has allowed me to understand the importance of a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach to everyone’s journey. I truly do believe that exercise is medicine, with everyone’s dose being slightly different.  

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Group Trainer

My name is Liam and I’ve been involved in running group fitness classes for several years now.

Along side this, I have also been a personal trainer focusing around mindset and nutrition goals.

I myself have played victim to the yo-yo diet fad for years; losing weight, feeling good, then gaining it all back when I stopped “dieting”. It wasn’t until recently, during my studies as a nutrition coach, where I learnt that you don’t need to be on any diet in order to achieve your goals and feel amazing at the same time.

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Practice Manager

My name is Ashlee and I am the Practice Manager for Health First. I have a passion for health, fitness and wellness, which is why Health First is the perfect fit.

I have previously managed Human Resource teams and have a passion for innovation.

I am currently studying a diploma of Practice Management and am thoroughly looking forward to growing my current skill set.

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